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The Patient's Guide to Laser Dentistry

Last updated 6 years ago

Today, patients no longer need to worry about discomfort or pain when undergoing treatment from a cosmetic dentist. Advancements in dental technology have led to new methods and techniques in which lasers can be used to detect cavities, remove damaged oral tissues, lengthen crowns, whiten teeth, and more. To learn more about how lasers can improve your dental experience, keep reading.

Laser Dentistry Is Virtually Painless

Many patients report feeling very little, if any, oral pain during laser dental procedures. Most dental lasers reduce or eliminate discomfort because they allow for greater precision and don’t cause jarring vibrations that disturb the nerves of the oral tissues. What’s more, dental lasers are so minimally invasive that the patient rarely requires anesthesia, stitches, or long recovery periods. 

Laser Dentistry Provides Faster Treatment and Recovery

Dental lasers can be used to identify signs of tooth decay earlier than dental X-rays and other detection technology. Early detection allows for faster treatment, which can help save the structure of the tooth. Plus, unlike traditional tools used in dental procedures, lasers concentrate on one area, making it easier to perform necessary procedures without disturbing surrounding tissues and teeth. The lasers help blood coagulate faster, which also contributes to quicker recovery and less irritation.   

Laser Dentistry Increases Comfort

Often, patients experience increased anxiety when they hear the sound of the dental drill or metal utensils scrape across their teeth. Laser treatments require less invasive equipment, which can make for a more relaxing appointment and overall experience.

Laser Treatments Are More Affordable

Due to the fact that lasers are more efficient than traditional dental tools, laser dentistry is quickly becoming more affordable than other treatment methods.

If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from laser dentistry, call Dr. Kenn Kakosian, DDS. We only use the most efficient and patient-friendly technology so we can give every patient the pleasant dental experience they deserve. To learn more about the technology we use, call us at (888) 775-8116 today.


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