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What is Bruxism?

Last updated 5 years ago

Bruxism is the medical term for teeth clenching and grinding, which affects many dental patients. Unfortunately, many of the people who suffer from bruxism aren’t aware that they have it. Though some individuals may clench their teeth during the day, bruxism often occurs at night while the person is asleep. If you recognize one or more of the mentioned symptoms, you may want to consider seeing a dentist, as you too might be suffering from bruxism.

Causes of Bruxism
Dentists believe that bruxism is caused primarily by stress. If you are feeling anxious for personal or professional reasons, be sure to monitor your dental well-being. When left untreated, teeth clenching and grinding can contribute to greater oral health problems.

Symptoms of Bruxism
Individuals suffering from bruxism may not recognize the problem, but they frequently notice the symptoms of it. Many people wake up with headaches, earaches, or jaw pain. Because their teeth don’t have sufficient enamel, people with bruxism may also become highly sensitive to hot or cold foods. Dentists will often see worn enamel on the teeth of patients with bruxism as well. Over time, a lack of enamel can lead to tooth decay, and continued jaw clenching can produce chronic temporomandibular joint problems.

Treatment Options for Bruxism
To permanently eliminate bruxism, patients must prioritize reducing their stress levels. However, dentists can help to manage bruxism with mouthguards that will protect teeth from clenching and grinding. Your dentist can also monitor the state of your teeth to avoid the onset of tooth decay from missing enamel. To make sure that your bruxism does not contribute to more serious problems, be sure to contact your dentist for assistance if you notice any of the symptoms.

Are you grinding your teeth in your sleep? If so, call Dr. Kenn Kakosian D.D.S., P.C. at (212) 661-9777. Our Manhattan cosmetic dentistry office can offer relief for your bruxism symptoms, including TMJ. Don’t suffer through another morning of jaw pain and headaches; call our practice today for a consultation


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