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Understanding How Teeth Whitening Products Work

Last updated 5 years ago

In cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is by far the most commonly requested service. There’s something special about a brilliantly white smile that gives people more confidence and a better self image. If you’ve been considering teeth whitening but aren’t sure how it works, keep reading for the details.

Teeth Whitening Gel
All teeth whitening solutions contain one of two possible bleaching agents: hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide once on the teeth. Peroxide is a potent bleaching agent that is buffered to a neutral pH and combined with hydrating ingredients in order to be gentle on the teeth. Bleaching gels and solutions often contain up to 15% hydrogen peroxide. Because your teeth are porous, stains can build up deep in the enamel over time. The same porous characteristic that allows your teeth to stain, however, is also what makes teeth whitening possible. The bleaching agent penetrates the tooth enamel to remove stains and certain discolorations.

Teeth Whitening Light
Often, a special light is used to accelerate and intensify the bleaching action. The effects of the whitening gel can be activated or enhanced by a lamp that emits light in the blue-green spectrum, allowing patients to achieve uniformly white teeth in as little as one hour. This gentle light is also safe for tooth enamel, gums, skin, and other soft tissues.

Teeth Whitening Options
Many people enjoy having in-office teeth whitening treatment because it is easy, fast, painless, and immediately effective. When whitening is administered under a dentist’s supervision instead of at home by the patient, the risk of any possible side effects is much lower. Side effects from teeth whitening are rare and usually mild, but temporary tooth sensitivity can occur.

To schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in NYC, contact the office of Dr. Kenn Kakosian, D.D.S., P.C. We’d be happy to discuss your options for BriteSmile whitening, which uses a patented hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and blue light to deliver proven results. Call (212) 661-9777 today for more information.


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