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Reasons You Should Discuss Your Diabetes with Your Dentist

Last updated 4 years ago

You may not think of your dentist as part of your diabetes management team, but it is possible that you should. There is a close link between your oral health and your diabetes. When you have diabetes, you have a higher risk of developing certain dental health problems. Oral health issues can also make your blood sugar difficult to control. Is your dentist aware of your diabetes and how well controlled your glucose levels are? Consider these reasons why your diabetes should be discussed as part of your dental appointments.

Oral Health and Diabetes Management
Your oral health and diabetes management impact each other in a cyclical way. If your oral health is poor, then the resulting infections can make it very difficult to keep your blood sugar in check. In turn, high blood sugar levels feed oral infections and make them more difficult to treat. For the health of your mouth and entire body, it is important to both keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range and to follow your dentist’s recommendations for oral health care. Stick to a regimen of brushing at least twice per day, flossing at least once, and seeing your dentist every six months for a dental check-up and cleaning.

Oral Health Conditions Linked to Diabetes
People with diabetes have a higher risk of getting many oral health conditions. Diabetes makes you more prone to cavities, tooth loss, and gum disease. It can also trigger a condition called thrush, which involves a build-up of fungus in the mouth. Dry mouth is also common with diabetes, especially when blood sugar levels are high. Having a dry mouth ups your risk of tooth decay, inflammation, and mouth sores.

For help maintaining good oral health and avoiding diabetes-related issues, make an appointment with Dr. Kenn Kakosian, D.D.S., P.C. You can also turn to our NYC dentist office for Invisalign, teeth whitening, dental implants, and much more. Make an appointment for your visit by calling us at (212) 661-9777.


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