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Dental Terms All Patients Should Know

Last updated 4 years ago

Your dental health depends in large part on your knowledge of the conditions that can harm your teeth and gums. When you understand how these problems can develop, you can take action to stop them before they cause cavities, destroy gum tissue, or produce jaw pain. The following terms highlight some of the most pressing dental issues of which you should be aware.

Plaque is a universal concern. Everyone is vulnerable to it regardless of age, gender, or current dental health. This substance forms when the bacteria in your mouth have the opportunity to feed upon the food you consume. When food particles remain on your teeth, gums, and tongue, those bacteria can mix with them to produce a sticky acidic substance that adheres to enamel. If plaque remains on your teeth, it can deteriorate your enamel and cause gum inflammation.

Gum Disease
Many people know that cavities can cause extensive dental damage. Did you realize, though, that gum disease can be a source of tooth loss as well? This condition begins when plaque accumulates on the teeth. It then irritates nearby gum tissue, which recedes in response. As the gums retract from the tooth, it leaves teeth susceptible to instability and bacterial infections. Should gum disease go without treatment, the affected gums may leave the teeth so unstable that they move in their sockets and eventually fall out.

Some people may know bruxism by its more common name: teeth grinding. This condition may not have a known cause in some people, but many afflicted individuals suffer from high stress, which they relieve with nighttime teeth clenching and grinding. Bruxism can wear down tooth enamel and cause tooth fractures, two circumstances that may lead to bacterial infections and cavities. It can also place a considerable amount of stress on the jaw joints. As a result, some bruxism sufferers experience considerable jaw pain and stiffness.

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