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10 Health Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Last updated 4 years ago

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The cosmetic benefit of having your teeth aligned are pretty clear - a nice, aesthetically pleasing smile.  But what are the health benefits?  

This article in the Epoch Times features Dr. Kakosian, who has been doing Invisalign treatment for 11 years and has a Pd.D. in temporomandibular disorder.

The way Invisalign works is through multiple clear trays that are custom fitted to each individual's teeth.  They snap right on, are barely visible and are easily removable.  Multiple trays are provided, and they are switched out every two weeks; each progressive tray moves with the teeth ultimately aligning them.  Because they are removable before meals,they are significantly more orally hygienic than normal braces which trap food and plaque in their wires.  So once Invisalign does its job, what are the health benefits in having straight teeth?

1.  Easier to Clean:  Straight teeth are easier to clean, brush and floss since there are no overlapping or crooked teeth where floss and bristles cannot reach.

2.   Lower Disease Risk:  Being easier to clean, straight teeth have a lower risk for gum disease, which may lead to heart disease and diabetes as well, as oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect the blood vessels and brain.

3.   Avoiding Tooth Loss:  The most common reasons for tooth loss are periodontal disease and tooth decay.  Having teeth that are easier to clean significantly reduces these risks.

4.  Keeping Your Jawbone Healthy:  Gaps in the teeth leave that area of the jawbone with little to do, ultimately weakening it, which may cause tooth loss.

5.   Fewer headaches:  Bad alignments lead to bad bites and teeth grinding, both of which can cause headaches.

6.   Less Chipping:  The more teeth jut out, the more likely they are to be cracked or chipped.  "In aligned teeth, the pressure [from the bite] will go along the long axis of the teeth versus hitting from the side."  Dr. Kakosian says,.

7.   Lower Risk of Lip and Gum Injury:  Crooked teeth can push against the soft tissue in the mouth.  This can lead to cuts, sores and infections of the gums, cheeks and lips.  Invisalign itself carries a lower risk of soft tissue injury than braces, since it contains no metal and no wires.

8.  Better Digestion:  Misaligned teeth can reduce ability to properly chew, and proper chewing is the first step to proper digestion.  When chewing, saliva carries enzymes which help break the food down, reducing the amount of bacteria necessary to breakdown nutrients in the stomach.  Also, proper chewing allows for more enjoyable meals!

9.  Clearer Speech:  Gaps in teeth often cause whistling when pronouncing certain words.  (For example "van" and "fan").  Dr. Kakosian says a lot of times when someone has diastema (gaps between teeth), they have trouble with pronunciation.  Straighter teeth improve speech and clear speech is a natural confidence booster.

10.You'll Allow Yourself to Be Happier:  Research has shown that smiling (even if forced) actually makes you happier,  And when you have straight teeth, you are much more inclined to smile.  "A lot of people suffer loss of self esteem due to crooked or otherwise misaligned teeth and then get a confidence boost when their teeth are aligned,"  Dr. Kakosian says, "I've had patients who couldn't stop smiling.  I had one patient whose treatment took a year and half, and she said it was all worth it."


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