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How Coffee Can Save Your Teeth

Last updated 4 years ago

A daily staple in many peoples lives, coffee, has long been known to boost energy levels through caffeine, as well as recently having been shown to provide many helpful antioxidants which provide anti-aging advantages .  And now, new research from Boston University is proving that it can also be very beneficial to teeth! 

The way it does this is by combating periodontal disease, which causes the inflammation of the gums and jawbone.  The researchers have been following 1,000 individuals' teeth for 30 years to observe the effects.  What they found was the individuals who drank a cup or more of coffee a day had less bone loss in teeth, a symptom of periodontal disease, which can lead to the lose of whole teeth themselves.  There was also no evidence that moderate or heavy coffee drinking was associated with any other markers of periodontal damage, such as bleeding of the gums or development of bacteria-collecting pockets around the teeth.

Researchers believe anti-oxidants may be to thank for the teeth benefits as well. The anti-oxidants effectively combat the body's own inflammatory process that harms the jawbone and gums.  Coffee is also less acidic than many other beverages (juices, sodas, energy drinks); acidic beverages are known to cause erosion and weaken teeth's protective enamel.  Just remember to rinse your mouth out after drinking coffee to avoid coffee stains on teeth, and, of course, limit the amount of sugar you add to your coffee!



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