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How to Keep Your Invisalign Trays Clean

Last updated 4 years ago

Invisalign has many clear-cut benefits. It is affordable, less intrusive than braces, and provides a simple way to give you straight teeth and a beautiful smile. However, you won’t be able to receive the cosmetic benefits if your trays are not clean. Cleaning your trays and keeping them pristine allows your smile to shine as bright as possible, prevent plaque build-up, and keep your teeth germ-free. The good news is that keeping your aligners clean is as easy as wearing them.

Remove Your Trays Before Eating or Drinking: Taking your trays off prior to eating or drinking anything besides water is an important habit to maintain. By removing them prior to your meal, you can help prevent unwanted stains or smells. Once you have removed them, you can simply set them aside until after you are done.

Apply the Invisalign Cleaning Kit: Using the Invisalign cleaning kit is another easy way to keep your trays hygienic and spot-free. Within 15 minutes, you can quickly remove any plaque and make them sparkle.

Store Your Trays in Warm Tap Water and Brush Them: When you’re not using your aligners, storing them in warm water is an effective way to prevent them from getting cloudy from build-up. In addition, using a soft brush to gently clean them can help to wash off any debris. Ask your dental professional for a recommendation on what products to use before brushing your trays, because some toothpastes and scrubs may scratch your aligners. You can also mix in equal parts 3% hydrogen peroxide with the water in order to help clean some of the bacteria.

Clean Your Teeth: One of the best ways to keep your Invisalign trays from getting dirty is to routinely floss and brush your teeth. By making sure there is no debris in your teeth, you can ensure that you will not transfer any unwanted pieces of food or drink to your aligners.

The dental offices of Dr. Kenn Kakosian DDS have been helping to straighten patients’ teeth for 25 years. We offer Invisalign treatment along with many other cosmetic and general dentistry services. To schedule an appointment today, call (212) 661-9777. 


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